Wheegreen K18  - Orange Lily

Wheegreen K18 - Orange Lily


To decrease - the air pollution

To carry - grocery without driving a car

To make it easy - You will arrive at your destination with almost no effort made.

  • K-18 Product Info

    Wheegreen's K-18 Classic Moped is comprised of Brushless DC motors (BLDC) to the enhanced efficiency and durability from 2000 hours to 20000 hours. The modular architecture allows the battery to be paralleled to higher output as well as to upgrade battery as your desire. The flexible bike design commits to serve the users from 5 feet to 5feet 10 inch tall.

    Model No. K-18
    Size (Inch) 60 x 24 x 44
    Speed (MPH) 25
    Driving range (Miles) 22
    Total weight (lb) 64
    Tire (Inch) 18 x2.1
    Motor Type  DC Brushless
    Voltage (V) 36
    Power (W) 250  (Max.400)
    Current limit (A) 15
    Low voltage protection (V) 31
    Battery Type Lead Acid
    Weight (lb) 29
    Voltage (V) 36
    Capacity (Ah)