Super SOCO CU - Ferrari Red

Super SOCO CU - Ferrari Red


✅ 1. Excellent Performance & High efficiency - Kinetic motor - Customized for city transportation. Stronger magnetic steel with unique wiring and carries FOC vector controller 3.0. that improves the energy efficiency and range
✅ 2. New Generation of Battery Pack Solution - Larger capacity and safer for rider. Honeycomb structure design with geometric mechanics. Safer distance between battery cells and new thermal technology. Better battery cells performance and intelligent BMS (battery management system)
✅ 3. High Efficient Vector Controller 3.0 - More precise control - High-precision control algorithm. New torque linear output of power that enables better transformation of power and provides more precise control. Efficient self-inspect functions that enable worry-free riding
✅ 4. Better Control & VA (Vertical Alignment) Intelligent Display - Safer Frame made by carbon structural steel - Higher intensity and lighter weight. Less vibration and more comfortability. CU-X frame passed 500,000 times vibration test and has amazing durability. VA multi-functional display. Self-adjusting brightness with light sensing capability. 150 degree wide-angle that provides clear visibility on display
✅ 5. WheeGreen US brand Warranty - You will get the support and service in US - Motor and battery are 1-year warranty from delivery date. It is pre-assembled and ready to ride. We Green!


No requirement to register it for license plate and tab.

Serving the riders from 5 feet to 6 feet tall and up to 300 pounds


Benefits of electric scooters


To avoid – traffic jams

To decrease - the air pollution

To save - a lot of space

To carry - grocery without driving a car

To deliver – a small shipment without driving a car   

To find - a parking spot easily

To have Fun -  You will enjoy riding to work or grocery store on an electric moped. freedom and fresh air

To control - your schedule without chase the city’s transport schedules

To make it easy - You will arrive at your destination with almost no effort made.