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Wheegeen Electric Bike from Taiwan - Tommy Lee

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

May 15 at 2:00 PM

Choosing a bike that suits me is really a lot of knowledge. It's simple, from the size of tyre, road car, road car, leisure cars, to a few stages of gear ratio, which gear ratio, brake is the brake with a c clip or disc clip or disc - Suspension Shock Absorbers, the body is also weighed. It is better to be made of carbon fiber. Choosing an electric bike is more complicated, not to look at the parts of motor and battery, let alone folding electric bike... that's right, This complicated is so troublesome, so i haven't bought another bike since I left college....

Therefore, this time, I don't want to teach everyone how to choose a bike, but I am very simple to tell you that the most important thing is the feeling when you are riding it. It is not about to go out to race, nor is not to hurry than speed, not It may let you go to cross the mountains, this is a leisure bike, a tool for you to accompany your husband to enjoy family with your children. So, his focus is stability.

First of all, most people worry about the assembling parts, unpacking the box and you will find that the manufacturer has basically helped you assemble. Lock the faucet first, then lock the two pedals up. In fact, it's already ready to go ~ as for that dish basket..... I am the old man, riding this kind of lady bike is my limit (I think back then) My Rg125....) asking me to put the vegetable basket on and killing me, I have been fighting it for 10 minutes with my wife. this time I finally won✌️...

Since this is an electric bike, he will have one more rotating function than the regular bicycle in the right hand grip, just like we ride a motorcycle in Taiwan, and the bike will move, of course, you stepping on your feet It is no different from a normal bike, his center of weight is low, so he rides very stable, and when there is on, the bicycle will detect and activate motor to help you work. When there's power on, Riding without sweating.... Well ~ that's unlikely, too easy.

This bike is completely assembled in Taiwan. Even the tires are selected for Maxxis tires. It is said that there is no need to inflatable and breathe gas within a year. The whole station is durable. He had a hydraulic shock absorber on his front, and the rear wheel was dampened by an extended spring seat. The actual feeling of riding is comfort, lady bike design, so you can also enjoy riding in a dress.

Other accessories such as LED headlights, LED Power Display, charger, battery startup keys, rear wheel suspension rack, vegetable baskets, etc. Maximum weight is 250 lb. Other specifications can refer to the official website list:➡️

There are two types in total of this event, apart from different colors, the main difference is batteries, the lead-Acid Battery, the other is no big difference in function, but the weight of the battery 10 kg, if your bicycle doesn't need to move upstairs, then choose the lead acid battery (k18 lead acid), if you just want to be lighter, then you can choose From The Battery (K18 Lithium)

Lead Acid Battery / off battery

Price $ 698 / $ 799

Discount Price $

Discount Code: tt8immqr

There are only 15 units, please seize the opportunity ~

I am an old man after the wind

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In order to let everyone buy at ease, I also asked the manufacturer for 30 days of unconditional return. Those who have purchased please remember to register online and enjoy one year warranty, and you can also seek the United States. Services of the general agent.➡️

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Please press here to purchase (Lead Acid Battery)


To purchase please press here (off battery)


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