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About Wheegreen

To design and manufacture mopeds that make your short distance commute enjoyable 


Wheegreen in Taiwan was founded by KOC  for the car battery manufacturing. Lead-acid batteries have always been the most widely used products in the field of batteries, such as car, locomotive, ships, aircraft, backup power have lead acid.

Image by Bao Pham


Wheegreen was a leading manufacturer of traditional moped and motorcycle based Kaohsiung Taiwan. The moped is  convenient and budget wise. Taiwanese love to take the locomotive and the moped become the representative of Taiwan's transport.

Image by Jumi Park


Taiwan's population of  23 millions people with an average of 1.5 people a moped reached a market saturation. Wheegreen started to provide moped OEM and ODM service for the foreign customers.

Image by Samuel Toh


Wheegreen had the vision that our world is under the transition to sustainable energy. The short distance commuters will rely on electric transportation in instead of driving. Wheegreen shifted business focus from motorcycles to electric transportation.


Wheegreen innovated Classic E-Moped K-22 which is stronger for short distance commuter to carry personal belonging. K-22 Brushless DC motors (BLDC) has enhanced 30% efficiency and durability than brush motor. K-22 dominated the Taiwanese electric bike market because of its durability. It is also exported to European and American markets.



Wheegreen upgraded SUPER SOCO CU not just durable and sustainable quality, but the stylish design is integrated into the modern people's life to make your personal transportation enjoyable.


The prevalence of E-Moped will extend the renewable energy network, offer an alternative to save the cost of the commuting, and encourage alternative transportation. Wheegreen joined vehicle sharing project to manufacture next generation Motorcycle with Super SOCO.

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